What are Your Employees' Poor Communication Skills Costing Your Facility?

At Just $149 this DVD will Quickly Pay for Itself hundreds of times over.

Poor communication skills not only waste your coders' and providers' time, they can also lead to inaccurate billing and expensive errors.

This program teaches coders how to effectively communicate with providers, whether the communication is verbal or written. This not only reduces errors caused by misunderstandings, it also cuts the amount of provider and clerical time that must be spent on queries altogether.

The Benefits are Wide-Ranging

Once your coders and billers master the communication skills taught in this DVD...

  • Billing will be handled more promptly and accurately
  • Costly errors will go down
  • Claims acceptance rates will go up
  • Financial reimbursement will be maximized
  • Regulatory compliance will go up
  • Morale will go up
  • Employee turnover will go down

Give your coders these communication skills now, before ICD-10 wreaks havoc on your coding and billing processes!

You'll Be Able to Use this Program for Years

After all, communication skills never go out of style!

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How to Get Physician Buy-In: A Medical Coder & Biller’s Guide to Overcoming Physician Objections DVD

Each DVD disk includes:

  • 30-minute Program
  • Comprehensive Leader's Guide
  • 5 Laminated Participants' Cheat Sheets