At last, an antidote to frustration and headaches for every medical coder, biller, educator, or administrator who has ever been treated as a second-class citizen by a physician in the practice!

Now get doctors and medical staff to respect and cooperate with you, so that they comply with coding rules swiftly and correctly... without giving you a hard time.

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Get the information you need from MDs to make your billing correct, compliant, and productive -- and accelerate cash flow while enhancing patient care!

Dear Health Care Professional:

You know it and I know it: doctors have huge egos, are crushingly busy, and have little patience for paperwork.

Sometimes they even show outright contempt for what we do... treat us as annoying paper-pushers... and overall make life difficult for medical coders, billers, educators, and administrators.

Many doctors make no secret that coding, billing, entering their notes into an electronic record, following HIPAA privacy regulations, or converting to ICD-10 are at the bottom of their priority list, because—naturally—patient care is at the top. As a result, these physicians:

  • Over or under-code.
  • Provide coders and billers with incomplete documentation.
  • Do not answer queries promptly or with enough detail.
  • Don't know the coding rules.
  • Don't care about HIPAA, Meaningful Use, ICD-10, and the list goes on and on!

The results: it's tougher to do your job, keep your practice compliant, and get full reimbursement faster.

Get the doctors on your side!

It would be nice if we could ensure code compliance without our MDs, but unfortunately, part of our job is dependent upon getting the right information for each case from the physician.

Now, help is here. How to Get Physician Buy-In: A Medical Coder and Biller's Guide to Overcoming Physician Objections is a new video training program that gives you proven, field-tested techniques and strategies for securing complete cooperation from doctors and medical staff -- while maintaining a great working relationship.

There are two main advantages to be gained from knowing how to work with your physicians.

The first is that it offers significant benefits to the practice, which will please your doctors -- and gain their cooperation in getting important paperwork done in a timely manner to give you these valuable benefits:

  • A huge reduction in claims mistakes and denials.
  • Additional practice revenues.
  • Save time and money in coding and billing.
  • Elevate the quality of clinical data.
  • Improve patient care.
  • Avoid legal liability.

The bottom line: When you understand the secrets of winning compliance from your doctors, just watch how things will change. You'll cut down the number of inaccurate claims... get that report completed and signed... and put a stop to overcoding and a million other headaches that have been plaguing you for years!

But that's not all...

Win over your doctors and love your job again -- every day!

The second major advantage How to Get Physician Buy-In: A Medical Coder and Biller's Guide to Overcoming Physician Objections can bring to your practice is a greatly improved -- and more pleasant -- working relationships between physicians, physician educators, medical staff, billers, and coders.

As I noted earlier, doctors are busy people. On top of that, they are highly educated and trained, and the core of their job -- patient care -- is of primary importance. Most doctors are good people, but some as you know have big egos and can be difficult to deal with.

One reason is that MDs, like many people, have a disdain and lack of patience for paperwork. And they sometimes see us as clerks rather than the strategic partners in practice success we really are.

In How to Get Physician Buy-In, you learn how to get rid of tension between medical and administrative staff. You gain the collaboration of doctors so you get the information you need to do your job efficiently and correctly. And you also gain the respect of your doctors, because you learn how to show them you value them, their time, and their knowledge of medicine!

No longer will you have a knot in your stomach when it's time to implement ICD-10 or the 68,000 brand new medical codes that will come with it! You'll talk to your doctors... train your doctors... get documentation from your doctors... and query your doctors in a friendly colleague-to-colleague relationship -- a partnership that makes your work life more pleasant while getting the job done rapidly and accurately.

Why haven't more medical professionals and administrators been told these facts?

  • Doctors' offices spend an average of 20 hours or more weekly dealing with claim edits.
  • Nearly one in five medical claims processed by the largest commercial health insurers is inaccurate.
  • On May 28, 2014, the Office of Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services issued a report on its study finding that a majority of Medicare Part B claims for evaluation and management (E/M) services in 2010 were either improperly coded or insufficiently documented.
  • A hospital group that adapted its electronic health record (EHR) system to encourage its physicians to adhere to American Heart Association (AHA) guidelines reduced use of cardiac telemetry and cut related costs by 70%, all while care quality remained constant, according to a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine.
  • Approximately 30% of the cost in medical care is due to wastage (Institute of Medicine 2012)
  • 70% of the operating expenses are tied to the physician’s pen (Dr. Ted Norman, Big Thompson Medical Group)

Get your providers to be more cooperative with your coders -- now!

In How to Get Physician Buy-In: A Medical Coder and Biller's Guide to Overcoming Physician Objections, you will discover:

  • How to write queries that quickly get you the missing information you need.
  • 6 ways to improve physician learning -- and even make coding fun for them.
  • Proven motivators that make doctors eager to help you get your job done.
  • The #1 thing coders, billers, and administrators do that doctors absolutely hate.
  • Get rid of massive 3-ring binders of code -- and give providers these quick-reading guides instead.
  • 4 ways to work more harmoniously with your doctors so they comply with your information requests with a smile on their face.
  • How to stop doctors from treating you as an indentured slave.
  • What's the ideal length for a training session for providers? The answer may surprise
  • The one thing you should never, ever challenge a doctor on. Do it at your peril.
  • The administrative tasks that interest providers least -- and what they care about instead.
  • 5 tips for getting doctors to cooperate with your information requests on a regular basis.
  • Why providers hate surprises... and how to avoid them in coding, billing, record-keeping, compliance, and other administrative tasks.
  • How to get inattentive or distracted providers to pay attention and do something about problem billings.
  • Physician educators: use this training method employed in medical schools when teaching providers new codes.
  • A simple technique for being respectful of a busy doctor's time.
  • The 8 most common communication mistakes billers, coders, and administrators make when dealing with doctors.
  • Don't do this when presenting coding options to your providers for a given condition.
  • And so much more...

Just look at all you get...

How to Get Physician Buy-In: A Medical Coder and Biller's Guide to Overcoming Physician Objections is a complete training system that rapidly and thoroughly teaches your administrative staff gain provider cooperation without hassle or conflict. It includes:

  • A professionally produced DVD with easy-to apply tips and tactics for handling the most common mistakes administrative staff makes when working with physicians.
  • A Leader's Guide that summarizes the key tips and strategies in print and helps facilitate training and discussion.
  • Five laminated "cheat sheets" that distill the key points and serve as a handy desk reference of the key principles taught in the training.

Praise for How to Get Physician Buy-In

"Concise, relevant, and entertaining, How to Get Physician Buy-in is full of wonderful advice for coding educators! Please, please follow these practical tips when approaching and teaching physicians! This video should be mandatory viewing for all coding educators, including physician educators and senior administrators."

--Dr. Davoren Chick, MD, FACP Internist and physician educator - Ann Arbor, MI , Owner, Coding 101 L.L.C.

"How to Get Physician Buy-In is a very useful, spot-on video that should be incorporated into the revenue cycle and coding training of all practices -- shows tremendous insight and expertise in the subject matter."

Dr. Steve Kim, MD

"How to Get Physician Buy-In was part of a campaign toolkit used by our AHIMA Component State Associations."

Katherine Downing, PMP Director, HIM Practice Excellence

"How to Get Physician Buy-In is relevant to the current concerns involving ICD-10. I'll be teaching ICD-10 in a couple of weeks and now plan to tweak my approach with providing examples from the video immediately following a concept."

Kathleen Peterson, Director of Health Services, University of Washington

"I found How to Get Physician Buy-In both entertaining and educational. I've been coding for 15 years and currently work at CareOregon as the Medical Coding Specialist & Auditor in addition to being the 2015 President of the AAPC Portland Metro Chapter. I wish this had been available at the beginning of my career. This is a useful training video to understand how to be prepared and concise with providers so that you don’t waste their valuable time or your own! I highly recommend How to Get Physician Buy-In to beginner and experienced coders alike."

Kelly Fowler, CPC, AAPC – President, Portland Metro Chapter , Medical Coding Specialist & Auditor, Audit & Compliance Dept / CareOregon, Inc.

"I have never seen a clearer or more entertaining video on how to communicate with that sometimes hard-to-talk-with group -- physicians."

Robert W. Bly, health writer

Physician and Coder/Biller interaction Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

If you're not completely satisfied with this DVD, simply return it within 90 days of purchase for a full refund.

A smart investment in code compliance that can pay big dividends in your practice.

Paperwork mistakes can cost your practice thousands of dollars in lost revenues -- not to mention compromise patient care. And when patients receive less than optimal care, they don't come back... and worse, they say bad things about the practice to their friends, relatives, and coworkers.

Now, with How to Get Physician Buy-In: A Medical Coder and Biller's Guide to Overcoming Physician Objections, you can eliminate coding, billing, and other paperwork errors to improve the quality of care and accelerate cash flow.

If you use How to Get Physician Buy-In over the course of a full year to train your staff in more effective provider relations, your investment in our training is just 41 cents a day -- less than what you pay for your morning cup of coffee!

And that's only your cost if you agree that How to Get Physician Buy-In has helped strengthen the personal and working relationships between you and your providers, so you can do your coding and billing better, faster, and more accurately.

If not, you pay nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero. That's because you can...

...Use it risk-free for a full 3 months

When your copy of How to Get Physician Buy-In arrives, watch the DVD. Read the Leader's Guide. Then put the techniques to work in training or dealing with your providers.

See the difference these proven ideas and methods can make in the administrator/coder/educator/physician dynamic -- and your billing results -- in your practice starting TODAY!

Then, if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason (or for no reason at all), return the DVD and Cheat Sheets within 90 days for a prompt and full product refund.

And whatever you decide, the Leader's Guide is yours to keep FREE … my gift to you … just for giving How to Get Physician Buy-In a try. That way, you risk nothing. You can't lose!

Listen: When you begin to see what you've been doing wrong, you not only get accurate and complete documentation to code and bill from correctly and swiftly -- but patient care quality will go up, cost efficiency will go up, and insurance payment delays will go way down.

Plus, compliance worries and headaches will vanish, because your doctors are paying attention to the rules!

You also transform your relationships with your providers from uncooperative and adversarial to one of partners working toward a mutual goal: making the practice successful and profitable. Which can mean instead of coming to work with a knot in your stomach, you arrive at the office with a smile on your face—and maybe even a song in your heart!

So what are you waiting for?

To order How to Get Physician Buy-In: A Medical Coder and Biller's Guide to Overcoming Physician Objections on a 90-day risk-free trial basis, just click here now. You'll be glad you did:


Harry Lessinger, RHIA-CCS-P

P.S. It's not always the doc's fault. For many years, I have watched physicians struggle to comprehend imprecise, vague, long-winded, and in some cases downright insulting guidance and instructions coming from the physician educators, administrators, coders, and billers.

And, I have seen doctors in turn treat coders and billers disrespectfully and like second-class citizens, with anger and frustration, while failing to provide the documentation the practice needs to bill procedures correctly and compliantly.

The solution is our new video training program, How to Get Physician Buy-In: A Medical Coder and Biller's Guide to Overcoming Physician Objections. By showing your staff how to work more effectively with doctors while respecting the MD's time and expertise, the program helps you get the results you want while making the process stress-free and friendly.

To use the How to Get Physician Buy-In to train your medical administrators risk-free for a full 3 months, click here now to get started:

About the Program's Creators

Lorraine M. Papazian-Boyce, MS, CPC served as the content and educational design consultant for this program. A well-respected coding and billing authority, Ms. Papazian-Boyce is an author, educator, and in-demand speaker. Her published works include a 600-page comprehensive guide to ICD-10 coding as well as contributions to numerous other publications and educational courses in the medical billing and coding field.

Executive Producer Harry Lessinger, RHIA, CCS-P and executive producer for program, has extensive experience in the coding field. To make this DVD and its accompanying guides, he worked with a professional screenwriter, professional actors, and an experienced production crew to create an educational experience that is compelling, enjoyable and effective.